Rise of Kingdoms Guide: Strategies about improve combat effectiveness for beginner

First, you need to improve the commander’s combat power. Before execution, first, determine the target to be promoted, and then maximize his combat power. Doing this is the most effective way to ensure the growth of combat power.

why? Because of the advanced commander, you can defeat stronger barbarians, advance further in the campaign mode, and get higher rankings in the Trial of Loha, Sunset Canyon, and other events. Only with the highest-level commander can these difficult confrontations become easy.

For novices, I recommend upgrading commanders like Baibars,Yi-Seong Gybecause their skills are very good. At the same time, use the skills of rising stars to raise the skill level as the stars go up.

You need to quickly upgrade your VIP level to level 6. The main reason is that once you reach VIP6, you will get a permanent second construction queue, which is very useful, so you don’t need props to open an additional construction queue.

In addition, every time you upgrade your VIP level, you will get rewards, including faster construction speed, research speed, and resource collection speed. These are all important and allow you to quickly increase your combat power.

It is recommended that you join a top-level alliance. They generally have strong members and troops, and they receive good alliance gifts every day. In addition, compared with other alliances, their alliance technology may also be more advanced.

Joining a good alliance can get some benefits. For example, the resource collection speed in the alliance territory can be accelerated by 25%, more help can be obtained from alliance members to upgrade buildings, and even the speed of research on advanced technologies can be increased. The most important thing is that you can get rewards for contributing to the alliance, and you can get personal points for consumption in the alliance store.

Similarly, it is useful to establish an alliance to control the holy sites in the surrounding area of your kingdom. Because these holy places provide you with additional buffs, it will help in the long run. You’d better join an alliance with multiple holy sites to maximize your gains.

In this game, the defender has the advantage, and the attacker is at the disadvantage, because their troops will be killed directly in the battle with the enemy city, rather than lightly or seriously injured. This will cause you to permanently lose part of your troops. Therefore, don’t waste your troops attacking enemy cities to gain resources. Because you may be defeated and you will have to spend more time retraining the army. If you want to attack the enemy, it is best to attack the enemy player who is gathering resources.

Some players directly attack high-level barbarians, and the results are often not good. At this time, it is better to develop slowly and gradually.