Rise of Kingdoms Guide: Three developmental skills for ordinary players

1. Choose a country: There are many countries in the game for players to choose from. The resources that players can get at the beginning of the game are also different in different countries. If you want to get better development, civilian players must choose which suits them. s country.

2. Transfer the city: The resources that the player obtains in the game are limited. The player can use the resources in the game to improve his building level. When the resources around the player are used up, the player can use the city to regain a lot of game resources. .

3. Use gems: players can get gems in the game, gems are very precious, so civilian players should pay more attention to the use of gems, anger will be wasted.

The choice of the country in the early stage is closely related to the types of resources that the players get in the later stage, so choose carefully. Combining the skills of transferring cities can not only obtain a lot of resources, but also improve the survival rate of your own units. Other strong players hurt themselves when clearing the level. The role of gems is very large. It is recommended that players who do not charge money should cherish their use.