Rise of Kingdoms Guide: best ways to boost commanders XP

The level of a military commander is closely related to the combat power, so training military commanders are also a way to upgrade. If our combat power is higher, the players can also get more benefits. But how do we quickly upgrade the rank of the commander?

Go to war

You can get experience rewards in the game as long as you fight battles, and you can quickly accumulate experience points to gain attribute upgrades by playing pk frequently. The amount of experience you get depends on the enemy’s level. The higher the enemy’s level, the more experience you get. However, if you fail, you won’t have any experience. Don’t be greedy for experience to challenge enemies that are too strong.

Tomes of Knowledge

In addition to fighting, players can also use Tomes of Knowledgeto improve the level of commanders, but after all, there are many commanders. It is recommended that playschoose a few more useful ones for training in the early stage, and it is not necessary to train all build.

Expedition and collection

In the early stage, players can send commanders to expeditions and gather resources. While acquiring resources, they can also get a lot of experience rewards. However, it is recommended that you do not fill up all your troops during one dispatch. Otherwise, the second commanders will not be able to go on the expedition.

I wish you all a happy game!