Rise of Kingdoms Guides – strategy and tactics about KVK

KVK is divided into three situations:

1.the enemy dominant situation

If we have a small number of people, it is not recommended to go head-to-head. At this time, we only need to supplement the defense (send troops to our own building to resist the build-up). This can avoid field battles and prevent the troops from being besieged (because the battle damage ratio after being flanked is Very serious), while avoiding too many serious injuries, excessive medical expenses, etc., you can do multiple things in one fell swoop!

2. Our dominant situation:

If there are too many people on our side, then we can take advantage of the victory and pursue and expand the results, such as burning as many buildings as possible, which can also damage the opponent’s morale and shake the morale of the army.

In addition, you can send troops to the enemy’s alliance territory to occupy all the positions that can be moved to prevent the enemy’s city from flying over. In this way, if the other side wants to garrison the flag, you have to walk over. At this time, you only need to intercept halfway.

3. Evenly matched situation:

If you are evenly matched, you must use the game mechanics flexibly to expand your advantage.

First of all, there is a buff bonus for fighting on our alliance territory. This means that we have an advantage when fighting on our alliance territory. It can be understood as the home field advantage… On the contrary, we gather to attack enemy buildings. When it comes to things, it is the side that has no advantage……..

What we have to do is to increase our advantages, such as creating a better output space for the assembled team. A few minutes before the arrival of the assembled troops, try to push back the enemy troops around the building to prevent your assembled troops from being besieged or debuffed. At the same time, be careful about whether the opponent’s garrison commander has AOE damage, such as Yi Seong-Gyeand Sun Tzu. In this case, if your troop is hit by this AOE, your troop will die on the spot!

If you successfully divide the battlefield, you will be able to rebel against the object, and at this time the opponent is the passive one! The only thing the opponent can do is to make up the defense or turn on the anti-assembly. If the enemy’s garrison commander has Yi Seong-Gye, you can use the mechanism of “the more teams within the skill range, the less damage will be done”, and send multiple teams with only one soldier to enter his skill range. Eat his AOE skills and share the damage for the assembled team.

If the enemy initiates anti-assembly, in order to avoid more serious injuries, you can consider disbanding the assembly forces that are fighting or choose to be tough and directly encircle and beat the enemy’s anti-assembly forces.

When defending, beating the enemy with Yi Seong-Gye‘s mass injury is more serious than that. But for the team, this is actually a good deal. Because the encirclement and assembly can greatly reduce the number of deaths of the troops in the banner, while reducing the blood volume of the assembly, it also shares the AOE damage of Yi Seong-Gye for the troops in the expeditionary banner. Troops gathered in a besieged fight will only be seriously injured, because this is a field operation (unless the hospital is full), and when the expedition flag (the Union flag in KVK) troops are attacked, only 25% of the troops will be seriously injured ( Sent to the hospital for treatment), in other words 75% of the troops will die directly!