Rise of Kingdoms Guide-Tips you must know as an official of the alliance

1. The role played by officials and kings is the positioning of the brain, cerebellum, and heart of the entire kingdom. It is normal to have pressure. Occasionally, they abuse their power to make jokes, play with their friends, and threaten them not to give him. If you ship 10,000 corn, you will have negative titles all day long; but becoming an official in the game does not mean you have supreme rights, and you must obey the destiny of being a tool man. Do you really think that you can do whatever you want when you are an official?

2. Be lenient and discipline yourself and be strict with others. Don’t do it. If you set the rules, then follow the rules. If there are no rules, you can’t make a circle. If you don’t even follow the rules you set yourself, it’s really true. , Can’t even comply with it yourself, do you still expect others to follow it? You have to pay attention to the premise, don’t make things too complicated, just keep it simple

3. Deal with the tricky internal alliance members. They are not your servants, and you are not their masters. Officials are the brains and hearts. The alliance members are naturally your brothers and feet. If you can, it is good for you to treat them kindly. Encouragement will be better; of course, don’t be too kind. Please don’t feel guilty for depriving your family of the gaming experience. This has nothing to do with human morality. You can measure your income and decide your choice.

4. Don’t be too invested. If you rush to respond to those expectations, you will put too much pressure on yourself, especially those caring and responsible friends. This type of people are the easiest to be called upon by others; especially some extreme people, don’t force yourself to be distorted in character. To be honest, when you need to relax, just throw the mess out of the sky. Go and see. Release the latest movie, or do what you like!