Rise of Kingdoms Guide: The three best ways to plunder resources

1#Attack other people’s cities:

In plundering resources, players must go through the step of attacking other cities, but there are also many things that need to be paid attention to. First of all, we will lose our soldiers when we attack the enemy’s city. The target you hit will only disappear if the hospital is full, but our soldiers will die if they are seriously injured. Therefore, you must pay attention to the number of your troops when attacking the city, and once you decide to attack the city, it is difficult to stop. Soldiers who withdraw from the dead will not be returned to you. The resources plundered by many players have not been lost. , If you find something wrong, stop loss immediately is also a wise choice.

2#Team allocation:

If we start the rally, there will be a rallying step that needs to be completed. Everyone will wait at the door of the enemy for a while. The car can be used to collect resources. We can also collect resources when plundering. The car pulls the most resources. . Collecting generals directly can increase the capacity, so that we can get a lot of good things in a wave. In addition, it’s best to wait until the assembled troops have almost beaten the enemy’s guarding generals before reaping. If you come up and rush to the front, it is easy to be killed in seconds. If you are killed, you will be very deprived.

3#Detect the enemy:

Players are better not to investigate the enemy casually. It is wisest to do the investigation when you have determined your opponent and there are no Alliance Savages. If you detect the enemy, it is easy to start a fight. If you detect a very powerful player, you will probably be shot directly. In addition, the alliance may kick you directly in a serious situation. You need to pay more attention to it.