Cao Cao Commanders Guide: The strategy about acquisition methods&skills&evaluation

acquisition methods

The daily chests, roulettes, and golden statues in the store draw golden treasure chests.


There is no doubt that Cao Cao is powerful, not only has both control and output, three skills combined with awakening skills, but also can provide good damage to the troops. As well as the mobility of cavalry, Cao Cao’s skills can provide all the needs of cavalry units, and no cavalry commander can resist Cao Cao’s temptation. In today’s most sophisticated cavalry commander configuration, it can be said that Cao Cao is indispensable.


Dragon Rider(Active Skill)

1400 series injury, -40% attack power of single unit, -10% marching speed.

The Qingzhou Army(Passive Skill)

+50% damage to barbarians.

Tiger Knight(Passive Skill)

Cavalry marching speed +10%, attack power + 30%.

Lofty Ambition(Passive Skill)

Normal attack 10% triggers a healing coefficient of 1000, returns 100 anger, moves +20% within 3 seconds, and triggers once within 5 seconds at most.

Emperor Wu of WeiNew skill:Passive Skill

Cavalry attack power +25%, defense power -10%.