Mu Lan Commanders Guide:skills&talent trees&pairs| Rise of Kingdoms Commanderss

Introduction of Mulan

Battlefield positioning: “Comprehensive role”, “Jungler role”, “Support role”

General quality: “Legend”

How to obtain: “the event menu “Legendary Heroine”.”

Talent allocation: “Comprehensive”, “Jungler” and “Assist”

Skill introduction

Filial Piety (Active Skill): The attack power, defense power, and health of your own troops and nearby allies are increased by 15% (20%), and the marching speed is increased by 20% (30%) for 2 (3) seconds.

Be a “Man” (Passive Skill): The damage reduction effect is increased by 5% when flanking, and the counterattack has a 20% probability to reduce the target’s anger by 100. This effect can be triggered at most once in 5 seconds.

Khan Slayer (Passive Skill): The experience value gained by all commanders in the army is increased by 95%.

One-of-a-kind General (Passive Skill): Attack power is increased by 20%. As a lieutenant, the current target’s damage will be increased by 20% after the active skill is released for 3 seconds.

Talent building

Commanders Pairs

“Jan of Arc + Mulan”

A combination with a double group gain is very helpful to the battle situation, but it is also very fragile, which means that it will basically be focused on priority, so if you really want to bring this combination, you must pay more attention to micro-operations.

Supplement: The same gain attribute within the effective time takes the maximum value. For example: Taking infantry as an example, Joan can increase “Infantry HP by 30%”, and Hua Mulan can increase “Unit’s HP by 20%, defense by 20%, and attack by 20%”. Then your infantry’s final benefit is “infantry 30% health, 20% defense, 20% attack”

“Richard + Mulan”

Richard has strengthened his frankness and persistence to a certain extent, and since Hua Mulan is a deputy commander, only the main general’s profile picture is displayed in the non-combat state on the battlefield, which is less likely to be caught fire. In theory, she has been giving the group gains.