Cleopatra Commanders Guide: The strategy about acquisition methods&skills&talent tress| Rise of Kingdoms Commanderss

acquisition methods

She can be obtained in the VIP 5+ Preliminary Return of Heroes event, can be obtained from the golden box, or from the legendary party commander selection sculpture box in the event.


1.Queen of Kings(Active Skill)

Consuming 1000 rage, the group regains 400 blood while increasing the defense by 15% within 2 seconds, and it works on 5 teams at most.

2.End of Ptolemy(Passive Skill)

It can increase quarrying by 30% and wood gold by 20%.

3.Beauty and Wisdom(Passive Skill)

The skill can increase the load by 50%.

4.The Last Pharaoh(Passive Skill)

When letting troops gather resources on the map, the attack and defense of the siege unit will be increased by 50%.

5.Gifts of the Nile New Skill: Passive Skill

Some additional resource packs will be obtained when completing a resource point collection.

Priority upgrade of skills

1> 2> 3> 4 (card 1,2)

Talent building

Auxiliary + Acquisition

Pure collection