Guan Yu Commanders Guide: best strategy to talent trees&pairs| Rise of Kingdoms Commanderss

Recommended match

1. Guan Yu (commander) + Leonidas (vice commander):The two complement each other.

Advantages: Guan Yu provides silence to Leonidas, and Leonidas provides defenses to Guan Yu to restore rage value and shields. Although it can only be triggered at half the blood, both are aoe and the damage is sufficient.

Disadvantages: There is almost no shortcoming of complementarity

Applicable occasions: field assembly or anti-assembly.

2. Guan Yu (commander) + Yi Seong-Gye(vice commander):As a universal hero, Yi Seong-Gye, plus a 50% skill damage bonus, makes him a lieutenant for many output generals.

Advantages: High damage! Or double aoe teamfight can hit enough damage.

Disadvantages: It is too easy to be killed. Except for infantry units, its own defensive power has no other bonus, and it is easy to die immediately after being set on fire.

Applicable occasions: field team, assembly or anti-assembly

3. Guan Yu (commander) + Alexander (vice commander)

Advantages: High movement speed and high damage.

Disadvantages: Alexander can’t provide shields for them. This combination is suitable for united singles, and teaming is not the strongest.

Applicable occasions: field battle, assembly

4. Guan Yu (commander) + Charles(vice commander)

If you don’t have the above heroes, you can only match them like this.

advantage: Charlesprovides Guan Yu with blood and counterattack damage.

Disadvantages: Guan Yu doesn’t have any shields, and the damage is not particularly high. He is mediocre in every aspect.

Applicable occasions: field team battles.

Talent building