Genghis Khan Commanders Guide: The strategy about acquisition methods&skills&Evaluation| Rise of Kingdoms Commanderss

Acquisition method

Can get Genghis Khan from the wheel of fortune


Chosen One(Active Skill)

This skill is simple and straightforward to damage 1700! Pay attention to his anger requirements, he is born 50 anger points less than other generals, which also means that Genghis Khan can trigger skills faster!

Cyclone of the Steppes(Passvie Skill)

This skill can once again reduce the consumption of anger for active skills, and increase the marching speed at the same time. The 15% marching speed increase is currently the hero with the highest increase in the game, but it also adds a reduction effect to him when attacked.

Nomandic Empir(Passvie Skill)

Damage increase, yes, it will increase the damage to the enemy at the beginning of the battle, which means that the damage caused by hitting people will be higher, and the target HP can be quickly reduced.

Military Lifestyle(Passive Skill)

This skill is that if Genghis Hao is beaten after half blood, his anger recovery will be faster, and the skill damage will also be increased.

Second to Non New Skill: Passive Skill

After using skill 1, there is a 30% probability of using skill 1 again. If you use a skill ten times, you can hit thirteen times of damage. This skill depends on the player’s luck.


To sum up, Genghis Khan is a very powerful commander, players who play cavalry must awaken him! This military commander is not like Minamoto no Yoshitsune, he can use it from the time he gets him to the later stage of the game, hitting the barbarian ranking in kvk4, and he is still an S+-level military commander!