Kusunoki Masashige Commanders Guide:best strategy to talent trees&pairs| Rise of Kingdoms Commanderss

Pairing recommendation

1. Kusunoki Masashige + Hermann

In the early stage, the archer players made a very good combination. The main Kusunoki Masashigedeputy Hermann, because the archers have a skill to work together, the effect is that the main general will increase the damage of the deputy general after the skill is released, and the output will be maximized.

Advantages: Kusunoki Masashigeprovides frankness and small aoe, Hermannhas good damage and mobility, and the purification effect of Kusunoki Masashigecan make Hermannhurt enough.

Disadvantages: easy to be prioritized, and if caught by the cavalry, they will be killed

Applicable occasions: Provide auxiliary silence in the case of multiple people besieging the enemy, which can be used in the sunset canyon activities in the early stage.

2. Kusunoki Masashige (commander) + Cid (vice commander)

This combination is rare, but let’s also introduce it. After all, the generals selected by the archers in the early stage are very limited.

Advantages: Kusunoki Masashigecanimproves survivability, purification can make the damage full, Cid can provide movement speed, and mobility.

Disadvantages: This combination is easy to catch fire when taken out in the early stage

Applicable occasions: Same as Hermann’s match, it provides auxiliary silence in the case of multiple people besieging the enemy. It is not recommended to play singles by yourself. Even though Kusunoki Masashigehas a small range of aoe, do not go to team battles. The death is very miserable. It can be at sunset in the early stage. Used in canyons.

3. Kusunoki Masashige + Yi Seong-Gye

A very common combination, the same Kusunoki Masashigeas the main general,Yi Seong-Gyeas the lieutenant, relying on the skills to work together, the main general will increase the damage of the lieutenant’s skills after releasing the skills.

Combination advantage: Kusunoki Masashige’s purification can keep Yi Seong-Gye‘s damage from being reduced, and the aoe of two people can fill up the damage.

Disadvantages: poor survivability, easy to be attacked by fire

Applicable occasions: stealing people in field team battles, sunset canyon

Talent building