Rise of Kingdoms Commanderss Guides: Strategies for choosing a country for infantry

1.Infantry Civilization Ranking


Note: The characteristics required by infantry are speed>health>defense>attack. The defense + movement speed given by Rome is quite necessary for infantry, and the fit is the highest. Rome has a very good infantry civilization. Infantry pays more attention to defense and health. It happens that this civilization has infantry defense bonus and movement speed bonus. Food is also a very needed resource in the early and mid-term. The HP given by France is also good, and with the acceleration of the hospital, it is very suitable for fighting in the later stage. In contrast, the attack given by Japan is meaningless.

2.Best Commander Pairs


One of the best infantry collocations, there is an uninterrupted buff in the fight against multiple teams. After the awakening, Caesar perfectly compensates for the lack of individual infantry damage. In addition to mobility, there are no weaknesses, and the heads-up is also very strong. A very high amount of treatment will cause more serious injuries or deaths, not close to the people.


They have extremely high class attributes, strong resistance to fight, high damage caused by counterattack, high mobility, lack of single output, and extremely high healing capacity will cause more serious injuries/deaths, and are not close to the people.

Caesar+Sun Tzu

This is a relatively special infantry combination, whether it is a few fights or a team battle output, it has a very high level of performance. The incidental skill damage after Caesar awakens will benefit Sun Tzu‘s passive skills. Note that the AOE commander needs operating skills to ensure accurate splashing to the target.

Eulji Mundeok+Sun Tzu

This is a combination that is underestimated by most players. Their troop attributes are high and their skill damage is high. After the double awakening, this combination is better than Richard and Charleswith 70% skill upgrades. Apart from being close to Charlie and Richard, because there is no treatment, they are quite close to the people.