Rise of Kingdoms Commanderss Guides:Tips about responding to a sneak attack


If you encounter a sneak attack, first, the management personnel should not panic, and immediately let everyone open their shields, which can prohibit meaningless field battles and avoid falling into chaos (excluding field battles that will protect the zero members). For the enemy to clear our members or attack the building (there is a high probability that there is no attack on the building in the early stage, only cleared, because usually two alliances are not bordering, there is a buffer zone, it takes a period of time to build flags to border the outbreak of positional warfare). , Immediately launch an anti-assembly (that is, assemble the opponent’s assembly of troops). Don’t just hit the opposite assembly team, otherwise a lot of soldiers will enter the hospital.

2#Contact all alliance members

At the same time, a rally was launched against the members of the enemy who moved to the city to sneak attacks, disrupting the opponent’s offensive, or forced the other party to abandon the clearing of our offline members or, a large number of fake rallying confuses the other party. At the same time, a dedicated person will be arranged to open the shield and notify the members who are not online in the alliance to open the shield (the offline contact information is required, preferably the phone number)

3#Delay time

Delay the enemy’s offensive speed, notify others to go on line defense, as long as the enemy’s initial sneak attack is blocked and enter the tug-of-war phase, even if the war is won by half. If necessary, you can give up some unimportant places. Whether it is a sneak attack or a defensive attack, the war is fought to a certain extent, and when the battle situation has reached a stalemate, it is a tug of war, fighting for the money, energy, and willpower of the personnel on both sides.

Arrange cavalry players (it is recommended not to send main members, so as not to lose strength in the front battlefield, you can send middle-level members) to frantically sweep the enemy coalition mines. Because during the Civil War, most players were in the development stage, and the demand for resources was very large. Fighting was very resource intensive. Many people even lost some technological resources after fighting for a while, so these people would return. Collecting in the “big rear”, with a fluke mind, sent troops to mine and went offline.

At this time, a cavalry team was sent to sweep the enemy’s mining area, which can interrupt their collection. The enemy who came out to mine not only did not receive the goods, but many soldiers were sent to the hospital, and some novices were inexperienced, causing the wounded to exceed The capacity of the hospital, the extra part just died!

In other words, this trick can not only interrupt a large number of civilian players in the hostile alliance to collect resources to medical the wounded soldiers but also further destroy its war potential. In exchange for insignificant serious injuries, a large number of enemy soldiers were killed in action, causing them to further lose their combat effectiveness.