Rise of Kingdoms Commanderss Guides:Commander ranking|2021

Alexander the Great

1. Alexander the Great is the king of infantry in the game and the most powerful existence.2. Alexander the Great can be said to be the guarantee of the battle damage ratio. He can greatly weaken the target’s battle damage exchangeability.3. He also has excellent performance when used across arms.4. Super offensive power and excellent performance in field battles.

Guan Yu

1. The infantry can be ranked second in the entire game.2. Guan Yu’s skill comes with burst damage and group silence.3. The weakness is when the skill is released at the wrong time4. Guan Yu has a wide range of skills, but the upper limit is only three people.5. Sun Tzu is the top recommendation.

Richard I

1. With his terrible defense and damage reduction ability, Richard I is one of the few who can be active from the first season to the third season and can be the first-choice commander.2. Its super high-cost performance makes many players choose to use it no matter what.3. Richard I’s gameplay requires pulling with each other.4. The field battlefield is now the home of Richard I. Although he is not the strongest at the moment, he is still unstoppable.