Rise of Kingdoms Commanderss Guides:Introduction of troops and strategies for using soldiers

1. Archers

Advantages: It has the highest damage of the same class in the game, plus the advantage of attack, can fight a variety of zero casualties battles with the cooperation of the terrain. If you choose China as the development location, then players should focus on developing archers. .

Disadvantages: its own blood volume is relatively low and defense is weak. Archers rely on high attack to kill enemies from a distance. If the damage is not enough, the cavalry charge can kill them.

2. Infantry

Advantages: The game has the strongest strength and blood volume. It is the most suitable unit in a siege. With the long-range burst of archers, it can easily kill the enemy defenders.

Disadvantages: slower speed, easy to be gradually killed by the enemy in open areas, and its own damage is not high, fighting alone is not an opponent of the cavalry, and the damage is not as high as that of the cavalry.

3. Cavalry

Advantages: Damage and speed are the top-notch presence in the game. It can be used as the main force to take the lead in the charge, and as a surprise force to kill the enemy by surprise. It is a suitable unit for most players in the early stage of the game.

Disadvantages: Your own blood volume and defense power are relatively weak. When the enemy attack is strong, it is likely to die first when there is no close body.