Best Edward of Woodstock Guide: acquisition methods&skills| Rise of Kingdoms Commanderss

Acquisition methods

He is obtained from the Wheel of Fortune.

Skill introduction

Archer’s Honor(Active Skill)

Causes a lot of damage to a single target (damage coefficient 2500, damage coefficient 1250 as a deputy), after releasing the skill, the anger value of the troops led by Edward will be reduced by 300 (the anger will not be negative).

Skill analysis: First look at the damage coefficient. 2500 is currently the highest among the legendary generals. Like Guan Yu, the damage is halved as a lieutenant, so Edward is destined to only be the main commander. However, Edward’s anger value is very high, 1350 can be used to release the skills, and it will also reduce his own anger.

Vengeful Crusade(Passive Skill)

When in the wild, increase the HP of the archer unit led by 30% and the marching speed by 30%.

Skill analysis: This is the same as Alexander’s three skills when in the wild, so Edward is very suitable for fighting in the wild.

Crécy’s Campaign(Passive Skill)

When all the troops you lead are archers, the skill damage is increased by 25%, and the damage caused by archers to infantry is increased by 5%.

Skill analysis: Pure arms increase the skill damage again, and the damage of one skill increases by 1/4 again, which is very powerful. There is also a damage increase for the infantry. Edward’s damage to the infantry is too great.

Limoges’ Ambush(Passive Skill)

When the remaining strength of the led unit is higher than 70%, the attack power of the archer unit is increased by 40%, and the defense power is reduced by 10%.

Skill analysis: This skill is similar to Genghis Khan’s three skills, except that Edward increases attack power, and 40% is considered high damage.

All or NothingNew Skill:Passive Skill

Within two seconds after the skill is released, the normal attack and counterattack damage caused is increased by 50%.

Skill analysis: After the skills are released, the normal attack damage and counterattack damage are increased at the same time, plus his own skill damage, Edward’s skills are very comprehensive.