APelagius Commanders Guide: best strategy to talent trees&pairs| Rise of Kingdoms Commanderss

Pairing recommendation

1. APelagius (main) + Baibars (deputy)

Field cavalry is the first choice for civilian players. Don’t underestimate this cavalry combination, because in the early stage, due to VIP and daily treasure chests, many people’s Cao Cao and Minamoto no Yoshitsunecould not be awakened, and their skill intensity was not high. This combination is easy to awaken, and it is no problem to fight their cavalry.

Advantages: Has a good cavalry bonus, APelagius’s HP and rage value recover quickly, with Baibars’s high AOE damage and recovery of HP from the battlefield, the early team battle is very powerful!

Disadvantages: Poor mobility, APelagiusmay be the slowest runner among the cavalry.

Applicable occasions: field battles and team battles

2. Minamoto no Yoshitsune + APelagius

In the absence of Cao Cao, this combination can be used. Who is in charge depends on the hero level and skill level.

Advantages: early damage is high, there is a good cavalry attribute bonus

Disadvantages: Relatively speaking, the mobility is a bit short, after all, Minamoto no Yoshitsunestill has a movement speed bonus.

Applicable occasions: field battle

3. Genghis Khan (main) + APelagius (deputy)

Like the last combination, it can be combined like this without Cao Cao.

Advantage: Compared with Minamoto no Yoshitsune, this combination damages more and releases skills faster

Disadvantages: poor mobility.

Applicable occasions: field battle

4.APelagius + Cao Cao

The choice of players who don’t charge money, but remember to upgrade Cao Cao’s first skill first

Advantage: Both heroes can restore blood and rage .

Disadvantages: If Cao Cao awakens, don’t try this combination, because Cao Cao’s skills will reduce APelagius’s defense value to 5%.

Applicable occasions: field battle

5. Belisarius + APelagius

Combination advantage: high defense, suitable for playing support

Disadvantages: low damage

Applicable occasions: field support

to sum up

APelagiusis the commander of the cavalry. He has a good cavalry bonus in the early stage and has a good recovery attribute. However, it is not recommended to defend the city. Please pay attention to it. It is not recommended to take out the field in the later stage, try to let him be a deputy or play support.

Talent building