Barbara – Best Build|Artifacts and weapons|Genshin Impact Character Guide | Genshin Impact Guide


1. Maiden Beloved

Itisthe five-star artifact suit, is the most suitable match for Barbara, there is no one!

In terms of attributes, Barbara can provide an additional 15% healing effect after matching a two-piece suit. And we know that Barbara’s positioning happens to be an assistance, which can provide individuals and teammates with a lot of health restoration effects through the healing ability, and through this artifact set, Barbara can better serve the team and bring Longer combat battery life.

Secondly, if the player matches Barbara with a four-piece suit, then as long as the elemental burst or elemental skills are released, then the subsequent seven seconds will be able to provide an additional 25% healing effect, which greatly increases the character’s survival effect. It can be said that with this artifact set, Barbara’s strength will be directly revealed. Of course, this artifact can be obtained through Memory Valley and Adventurer’s Manual.

2. Tiny Miracle

Barbara is not excellent in defensive ability, so it is indispensable to increase the anti-strike ability appropriately. The attributes of this artifact are as follows:

1. After Barbara is matched with two pieces, all her elemental resistances will be increased by 20%, which will greatly increase her own anti-strike ability, reduce the possibility of being eliminated due to excessive damage, and play a role in the healing ability. Provide guarantee and bring more lasting combat endurance;

2. After Barbara is matched with the four-piece suit, if he is attacked by an elemental ability, the resistance of that elemental ability will be increased by 30% on the original basis. This will also have a self-protection effect, reducing the possibility of being disabled and falling into a resuscitation state.


3-star weapon

Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers, as a Samsung weapon, is very powerful. Skills can increase damage to teammates. And the difficulty of obtaining it is low.

4-star weapon

Prototype Amber, this weapon is very suitable for Barbara, but it is slightly more difficult to obtain.

This weapon can also increase the value of high health, weapon skills can restore elemental energy to yourself, and quickly turn on the ultimate skills. Restore life to teammates and avoid death.

5-star weapon

Five-star weapons are not recommended to be used based on the difficulty of obtaining them, and the difficulty of crafting them. Moreover, the five-star weapon is still biased towards the output item, so it is not recommended for Barbara to use it.