Albedo-best team composition|Genshin Impact Character | Genshin Impact Guide

1. Elemental Response Team:

Diluc/Klee+Xingqiu+Albedo+any character who restores blood

Here we put Abedo in the more classic combination of Dilucand Xingqiu. In the lineup, Abedo’s skills will not affect our elemental reaction, and can always be played Vaporizereaction, and Abedo It can also increase the elemental proficiency bonus, causing us to causeVaporizewhen the DMGis higher than before, which can greatly increase the DMG ceiling of thisteam

2. Outburst DMG team:

Abedo+Zhong Li+Bennett+Venti.

The intensity of this lineup in the game is still very high. Zhongli’s Dominus Lapidis’s resonance and Albedo’s Fatal Blossoms already have a high level of damage. If Ventidoesn’t have Skyward Harp, he can bring Favonius Warbow, Benny. The special weapon is Festering Desire, which can form a situation of almost unlimited energy.

This team is relatively simple to operate, focusing on the DMG of the ultimate ability, and Zhongli’s shield plus Bennett’s ultimate ability’s recovery blood volume, basically equal to an invincible state.

At present, after various evaluations, Abedo is still suitable for use as a support role. After all, he is given the most perfect build. The DMG he can hit is also very limited. It is not suitable for training as a carry, and the DMG is based on Abedo’s own defense value. Improved, he can also do good DMG with extra artifacts.