Rosaria-best team composition|Genshin Impact Character Guide | Genshin Impact Guide

Hutao + Xingqiu + Rosaria + Zhong Li

The advantage of this team is that it can play a melting reaction and increase the critical strike rate.

Team principle: There is a restrained relationship between Hydro and Pyro, and the evaporation reaction will cause the residual Hydro element or the Hydro element and the Pyro element to disappear. After Rosaria’s final skill freezes with Xingqiu’s Hydro element, the monster carries the Cryo element, and the Hutao can play a melting reaction. In actual combat, the monster is indeed frozen

The frequency of being restricted by Rosaria’s Q skill is not high, and it can only turn about half of the evaporation into melting, and cannot leave the range of Rosaria’s ultimate, but the improvement is not small.

When Rosariais full of critical strike rate, it can provide 15% critical strike rate for other characters in the team. Please note that this bonus is based on the critical strike panel when it is turned on, that is, the critical strike rate can be increased in other ways , Such as own talent or Hutaotalent:

These two talents can already provide a 24% crit rate bonus, so if Rosariacarries an artifact that increases the crit rate, then Rosaria’s crit rate can easily reach 31.1%+36.8%+ 5%+12%+12%=96.8%. In other words, Rosariacan easily reach the maximum 100%, thus providing other people in the team with a 15% increase in critical strike rate, which is a very effective bonus for Xingqiu and Hutao.

Rosaria + Xingqiu + Chongyun

Chongyun restores energy to Rosaria, Xingqiu cooperates with Rosaria’s general attack output and plays a freeze response, Rosaria can choose 4 Blizzard Strayer to increase the critical strike rate. The fourth position can carry the Bennett plus attack power and cooperate with the heavy cloud, and can also reduce the resistance of the wind character, or reduce the resistance of Zhongli/increase the shield, etc.

Diona + Xingqiu + Rosaria + Razor

   Xingqiu cooperates with Rosaria/Diona to freeze the monster. Razor provides lightning attributes to reduce physical resistance, and 4 constellation Razor can additionally reduce resistance. Diona will continue to affect the freeze, and if Beidou does not use ultimate skill , it is not as good as Razor.