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Gladiator’s Finale 4-piece

This set of artifactscan be used as a transitional period, because of its 2-pieceeffect [+18%] attack power, and 4-pieceeffect [character normal attack DMG+35%], it is a good choice for Zhongli , both Increasing the overall DMGcan also greatly increase the normal attacks DMG.

Retracing Bolide 4-piece

   2-pieceeffect [Shield Strength +30%], and 4-pieceeffect [Additional 40% normal attack and Charged AttackDMG].

   This set of artifacts can not only increase the shield value of Zhongli, but also can greatly increase the overall DPS after preparing the 4-piece set. It is one of the best choices for physical Zhongli artifacts.

Gladiator’s Finale 2-piece/Reverse Flying 2-piece+Bloodstained Chivalry 2-piece/Pale Flame 2-piece

   If you don’t have a 4-pieceGladiator’s Finalesuit or a 4-piecesuit, or Pale Flame/Bloodstained Chivalryis not yet formed, this artifact is recommended. The effect of the latter suit is [physical DMG+25%].

  Why recommend Gladiator’s Finale or Reverse Flying? First of all, because the Gladiator’s Finale 2-piece effect is [+18% attack power], the attack power here is to increase the overall attack power, such as normal attacks, charged attacks, etc. If Zhongli’s attack power is less than two thousand or feel that Zhongli’s DMG is not enough, And there is no other artifact to choose this outfit.

Pale Flame 4-piece 

The effect of this 2-pieceset of artifactsis [physical DMG+25%], and the 4-pieceset is [after elemental skills hit the enemy, attack +9%, the effect lasts for 7s, and the maximum stacking is 2 layers. After stacking, the effect is 2 sets. Increase by 100%], which means that with a 4-piece suit and full special effects, the overall increase is +18% attack power and +50% physical DMG.

   Although it seems very strong, this set has great limitations.

   First of all, it is a prerequisite. The elemental skills must hit the enemy twice to trigger all effects. However, the range of Zhongli’s elemental skills is very small, so the practicality of this set of artifacts is not high. Overall, it is not recommended and can only be used as a transitional period.

Bloodstained Chivalry 4-piece 

   The 2-pieceeffect is the same as Pale Flame, it is also [Physical DMG+25%], and the 4-pieceeffect is [Within 10 seconds of defeating the enemy, the charged attack does not consume resistance, and the DMGcaused is increased by 50%].

   This set of artifacts is mainly suitable for charged attacks, and it must be matched with a fixed weapon. The overall effect is not particularly strong for the physical drifting Zhongli, but it is okay, and it is considered to be used during the transitional period.

Bloodstained Chivalry 2-piece + Pale Flame 2-piece

Why would I recommend this set of artifacts, because the 2-pieceeffect of the two sets is [physical DMG+25%], and together it is 50%. Compared with the Pale Flame, which requires preconditions, this set of artifacts is more simple and rude. For Zhong Li, which is slow to trigger except for normal attacks, this set of artifacts combined with attack speed weapons is undoubtedly the best choice.

Noblesse Oblige 2-piece + Pale Flame 2-piece / Bloodstained Chivalry 2-piece

The effect of Noblesse Oblige2-piece set is [Ultimate DMG+20%]. This artifact is not strictly speaking physical DMGto Liu Zhongli. It is suitable for players who want to play the logistics system Zhongli, but do not have a suitable artifact.