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Challenges will be opened every day, and all challenge levels will be opened on the seventh day. Travelers can choose a single challenge or a multiplayer online challenge when they are challenging.Use a specific character to challenge, the damage caused will be increased. Each challenge has a different bonus role. Before officially starting the challenge, you can choose the difficulty of the challenge, as well as different talents, and get corresponding points and other rewards.During the event period, travelers can challenge the same level multiple times and refresh the highest record of the level.The accumulated challenge points are the sum of the highest recorded points of all current challenge levels. When the specified accumulated challenge points are reached, you can receive a limited business card Battlesong Namecard After the event is over, you will not be able to receive the point rewards for “Legend of the Vagabond Sword Event”.The reward of the activity is to choose the difficulty and strengthen the attributes to get points.It is recommended to use one attribute as the core to match the team, which can increase our difficulty choice. The core of my team is Hutao + Xingqiu + Zhongli,Boos has a very high attack, and it is easy to be killed if you are not careful. Must extend the time In this event, you can get all the rewards if you reach about 4,500 points every day of the challenge.Activity time

  2021/06/25 10:00 ~ 2021/07/08 03:59

Participation conditions

  Adventure level ≥20