Genshin Impact Guide:1.6 New Abyss Floor 12 Gameplay | Genshin Impact Guide

1. The best team

First team: Ganyu, Venti, Sucrose DionaSecond team: Hu Tao, Chongyun, Xingqiu, Zhongli

Low injury and high frequency: It’s cool to keep EQ elements exploding!

The damage is low and I am not afraid. This time I still use the double wind element and the double ice element.

Sucrose’s eq, Venti’s eq, and Diona’s e are all very powerful for gaining a lot of elemental energy. In practice, if your sweet rain is a secondary carry, the damage will definitely be higher.

The eq skills of SucroseVenti, Ganyu, and Diona can be released in turn, which is simply a cycle.

2.12th floor strategy

12-3 The second half of the core idea: If the time is worse, consider heavy clouds.

The team does not need to say much. Only the main C and vice C are retained.

But in the end it is also very dangerous. Merely breaking the apostle’s water shield with Hu Taos did not evaporate fast enough.

Need to combine Chongyun’s five-star ultimate move with E to stack damage. Of course, if you can pile up more other reactions, and increase the frequency of the reaction together with mine, the speed of breaking the shield will be faster!