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Normal Attack: Launch a fireball that can cause up to three damages, but when a normal attack hits an enemy, it will continue to smoke a scarlet mark, and you can have up to three red marks.

Charged attack: A short charge, consumes stamina and all scarlet seals, causing damage to the enemy, and the damage increases with the number of scarlet seals.

Plunging Attack: Yan Fei fell from mid-air to the ground, causing damage to all enemies in the path.

Elemental Skill: Summons blistering flames that deal AoE Pyro DMG. If the skill hits the enemy, you will get the maximum number of scarlet seals.Elemental Burst: Trigger a strong flame to fly to the surrounding enemies, causing AOE fire damage, allowing her to get the maximum number of scarlet seals, and applying brilliance to her.Brilliance: Give Yanfei a scarlet seal every once in a while. Increase the damage of charged attacks. Disappears when exiting/falling down.Talent improvement priority: general attack>Elemental Burst>>Elemental Skill

Passive Talent

1st Ascension Passive: When the scarlet mark is consumed by a charged attack, each scarlet mark increases fire damage by 5% for 6 seconds. If you cast a heavy blow again within the duration, the original effect will be removed first (that is, the effect will be refreshed by the next heavy blow)Analysis: Increase the damage caused by Yan Fei, and try to ensure that each charge attack consumes the most layers of Crimson Mark to obtain the highest damage increase4th Ascension Passive: When Yan Fei actively casts a charged attack to cause a critical strike, an additional AoE Pyro DMG with 80% of the attack power is caused. This damage is regarded as a critical strike damage

Interpretation: Strengthen the damage of charged attacks.

Utility Passive: Displays the location of nearby resources unique to Liyue on the mini-map.


①Wanderer’s Troupe 4-Piece Set

Whether it is a 2-piece set or a 4-piece set, it is very suitable for Yan Fei. The 2-piece set increases the damage by about 15%, and the 4-piece set directly increases the damage of the charged attack.

Disadvantages: It is slightly more difficult to obtain complete sets, so it is not recommended to persist in obtaining them.

②Crimson Witch of Flames (pay attention to applicable conditions)


Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds>Other 5-Star Weapons>Solar Pearl

>The Widsith