Bingo Pop Guide – Fortune Event

Where do I collect Ballots from?Currently, Ballots (looks like a fortune cookie) can be earned as a reward for completing a certain Daily Goal. Look for the Goal with the “fortune cookie” reward. Check your the Daily Goals tab each day!Example:What are Ballots for?Ballots are entries to the Fortune Draw. Each Ballot has a unique set of numbers – a total of 7 random numbers will be on each Ballot that you collect. The numbers on your Ballots will determine the prizes that you can win from the draw!When does the Draw happen?Once the countdown timer reaches 00d 00h where it says “Winners Selected In” along the bottom of the Fortune Event screen. 7 numbers will be drawn and displayed along the top of this Event screen. You can win a prize if you have at least 3 matching numbers on a single Ballot. The more numbers that match on a single Ballot, the better the prize you’ll win! Where can I see my Ballots?At this time, the Ballots with your unique numbers will only appear once when you claim it and visit the Fortune Event screen. There is no way to review your Ballots afterwards. However, your total number of Ballots is tracked along the bottom of the Event screen.Please note, as this is a new feature we are testing, it is not yet available for all players. Changes may occur in the future.


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