Genshin Impact:Eula build guide -best weapons and best team composition | Genshin Impact Guide

Eula is a character in Genshin Impact. I believe many friends have already acquired her. What are the characteristics of Eula and what are her attack talents? Which artifacts and weapons are more suitable for her?

Role positioning

Eula is the carry and has physical damage, She is a good character, maybe her performance is average at first, but in a special environment, she will cause super high physical damage.

Normal Attack

It is recommended to upgrade the normal attack first, this is her main output for causing damage. The basic attack is a five-stage attack, The speed of her normal attack is almost the same as that of Razor without an ultimate skill.

Elemental skills

Eula does not expect to cause damage through elemental skills, but increasing the level of elemental skills can increase resistance, and it is still necessary to upgrade elemental skills.

Weapon selection

Five-star weapons: Priority is given to exclusive weapons. If there is no exclusive weapon, Skyward Prideis also a good choice.

Four-star weapons:Snow-Tombed Starsilver>Serpent Spine>Prototype Archaic

Recommended team composition for Eula

Eula + Fischl+Zhong Li+Rosaria

I think this is the best team match, where everyone can improve Eula’s attack power