Hero: Negan – The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land

Negan is a Bruiser hero, with the following Leader Trait:Eeny Meeny Miny MoeAt the beginning of every turn, Negan marks the closest enemy for 1 turn. Marked enemies receive more damage, deal less damage, and they cannot inflict status effects.As a leader, Negan marks 3 enemies instead of 1.For example, if a Tank walker is marked, it will not be able to stun your survivors. In a similar manner, if a Spiked walkers is marked, its attacks won’t cause bleeding.It is important to note that this applies to status effects that are directly inflicted by the enemies. If a burning walker is marked, it will still deal fire damage, as it is not inflicting a status effect; if a marked Goo walker is exploded, it will still stun your survivors. 


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