Arena of Valor – Investigation in the Park

Investigation in the Park is a detective event where you help Stephen solve an abandoned park’s mystery 🔍 Discover a new map, meet unusual characters, uncover mystical locations, and win generous prizes! Move across the map and get rid of the obstacles to see the fog disappear. Collect resources and assist characters to get help in return 🤝 Every action requires energy. You can get energy by waiting until it refills for free, buying it with coins, or beating levels (regular levels and the “Golden Cup” levels):⚡ 8 points – for simple levels;⚡ 9 points – for difficult levels;⚡ 12 points – for super-hard levels.To perform any action, tap the desired object and then the energy icon to confirm your choice. Some obstacles cannot be removed at once as they contain several parts ⛰️ You will also find treasure chests — collect them all to get a part of the final decor! If you are lost, tap the task button on the left side: a mini-tablet will open with all available tasks. Select the task, click “Find” and a beacon will appear on the map to guide your way. Complete all chapters of the event to receive the final reward 😍 Please note:- The event is available to all players at level 36 and above who have completed the “Bring the Puppy” task.- The maximum amount of energy restored over time is 50 units.