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After completing this task, you can get 30 Primogems, and in the subsequent plots you can get 2 exquisite treasure chests (5 Primogems/a) + 1 gorgeous treasure chest (Primogems rough) + hidden achievements (Primogems rough), for a total of 65 Primogems.

The entire task needs to be submitted to 36Naku Weeds!

Task flow:

1.Talk to Yasumoto.

2.Gather 12 Naku Weeds

3.Wait till 18:00-21:00 the next day and talk to Yasumoto (adjust time).

After completing the plot, put 12 Naku Weeds in the [Bamboo Basket] in front of Yasumoto’s house. After 4:00 the next day in real time, an exquisite treasure chest will be refreshed. (After finishing, put Naku Weeds again → get 1 exquisite treasure chest (the next day) → put Naku Weeds again → wait until the next day to talk to [Bamboo Basket].)Talk to [Bamboo Basket] and find that Yasumoto has not returned. Open the elemental vision to find 3 notebooks, you get the achievement, you should teleport to the southern shore of the island (info from Note 3) to get a Luxurious chest.

[Naku Weeds Collection Route] A total of 60 pieces!

Exclusive for local tyrants: Purchase 5 NPCs in Daoqicheng [Kwai] (1000 Mora/piece)

【Collection Route】

Grand Narukami Shrine (13 pieces in total).

Underground in Konda Village (3 in total).

Under the thunder tree in the south of Kujou Encampment (3 in total).

Near Tatarasuna (23 in total), the white circled position in the third picture, you need to take 3 keys to open it before you can get it.

3 methods to obtain keys: (from top to bottom, in the ordinary treasure chest)

Take the thunder seed into the barrier, go in from the side, in the middle of the chimney, without jumping off.On the roofBy the wooden box on the mountainside

Ps: The hexagon is marked as the key, and the location is marked as the opening location.

Musoujin Gorge (8 in total), the nuclear radiation is serious, it is recommended to take multiple times.

Jakotsu Mine (5 in total).