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BOSS introduction

Pyro Hypostasis is a boss that debuted in version 2.0. It is located on Inazuma Island in Kannazuka and is the fifth member of the boss in the Phaseless series. The drop material exclusively for Phaseless Fire is the “Smoldering Orb”, which should be the training material for the characters in the Inazuma area.

Pyro Hypostasis, unlike the other four Hypostases’ bosses, does not use the resuscitation technique when it is dying. In contrast, it has a shell that keeps burning under normal conditions. When the shell is burning, the player cannot cause any damage to it. The burning shell can be extinguished by elemental reaction, and the water element has the best effect.

1.Burned Yourself, Did You?

Completion Conditions: Defeat a Pyro Hypostasis that has reignited twice.

2.Smells like Animal Spirit!

Completion Conditions: Defeat a Pyro Hypostasis after being hit by its mimetic 3-hit combo.

3.It’s Quiet… Too Quiet…

Completion Conditions: Defeat the Pyro Hypostasis after it enters its extinguished state only once

4.Operation Bonfire

Completion Conditions: Defeat a Pyro Hypostasis in Co-op Mode

Achievement Guidance

As long as normal operation, [It’s Quiet… Too Quiet…] and [Operation Bonfire] (requires teamwork) are easy to complete.

The two hidden strategies are also relatively simple

1.Burned Yourself, Did You?

In the extinguished state, let Pyro Hypostasis slowly recover without breaking the fire. After re-ignition two times, just hit it as usual.

Reignite: Pyro Hypostasis returns to the center of the field and generates 3 “fire seeds” around it. Pyro Hypostasis absorbs the power of the “fire” in an attempt to restore the burning state.

2.Smells like Animal Spirit!

You need a character with a lot of health, otherwise, you may die directly and be attacked by Pyro Hypostasis.

mimetic 3-hit combo: Pyro Hypostasis turns into a cow, will crash into the player after a short delay, then dive into the ground and make a diving attack. Finally, a fireball with a delayed explosion will be formed around the player.