Kamisato Ayaka- Best Build-Artifacts&Weapons|Genshin Impact Characters Guide | Genshin Impact Guide

Choice of weapons

Mistsplitter Reforged is the most preferred, suitable for all gameplay systems;

Primordial Jade Cutter is prone to a large number of critical strikes on the basis of the Blizzard Strayer four-piece suit;

The overall benefit of The Black Sword is good, but the output performance is below average and the benefit for element explosion is low;

In view of its high elemental charging efficiency basic attributes, Sacrificial Sword can choose the newly released Emblem of Severed Fate on the artifact.

Festering Desire and Favonius Sword are not recommended due to their subtle income;

The Flute feels normal to use, but if there is a more preferable one, it will not be considered;

Royal Longsword is a balanced weapon:

Although Dragon’s Bane itself has a very good attack panel, it is best to consider triggering weapons passively to realize the benefits, and it feels suitable to join the melting team;

If you are new to the game and do not have a good weapon, then you might as well consider Fillet Blade and Harbinger of Dawn

Artifact selection

The Blizzard Strayer four-piece set is the most suitable artifact for her in the current version, but it is not suitable for the Melting Team; it is prone to crit overflow with The Black Sword.

Blizzard Strayer two-piece set + Gladiator’s Finale two-piece set/Blizzard Straye two-piece set + Noblesse Oblige two-piece set

The former is more balanced and suitable for various occasions, while the latter is very good for element explosion gain

Blizzard Straye two-piece suit + Wanderer’s Troupe two-piece suit, suitable for joining the double-Pyro-based melting team to match the elemental response, and perform better after the constellation reaches 2.

The Emblem of Severed Fate four-piece set is a new artifact. It is very useful for single-element-charged vice-carry characters. Especially when the character weapon is the main item of charge, the insulating sleeve can take care of a lot. The output, although it may be slightly inferior in DPS compared to the conventional output set, considering the manifestation of elemental charging, the income is still very good.