Arcane Online-[Jan 25] Patch Note v2.0.6-[Arcane Online]

This week’s server maintenance will start Wed. 25th Jan., 00:30AM CST / 7:30AM CET(UTC+1) / 4:30PM AEST and should last 2h30mn (estimated).
There will be a new game client v2.0.6 to download.
  • Swap the Tier 6 and 7 rewards in Dailies, meaning the 50 Rubies will be obtained after 180pts and 150 Sapphires after 210pts.
  • Increase the drop rate of Crests in Dominion Rare chests to 5% (like Heroic chests)
  • Translation update
  • Server maintenance and update
  • [AOS] Remove Google splash screen to fasten the game launch process
  • [iOS] Improve the typing process when chatting in the open world
  • A new monster hunt and shop event will start on Thursday.
The issue regarding AoE skills reported to often miss target is still ongoing… So far it has been difficult to figure out why this happens and where the problem comes from (client, server, network).
Besides we received tickets about the Elemental damage information in the Stats window, being displayed next to Magic DEF (in green). This is a display issue, but Elemental damage does affect Physical/Magic attack. It will be fixed in 2.0.7.
-the Arcane Online team