Arcane Online-[Dec 8] Playtime Event, Free loots!-[Arcane Online]

Every day from Thursday 8th to Sunday 11th midnight, you can collect up to 5 Treasure Chests by tapping the Clock Event icon once you’ve reached the Playtime milestones!
  • The 5 Milestones are:30mn, 1h00mn, 1h30mn, 2h00mn and 2h30mn Daily Playtime.
  • The Clock will start ticking automatically for the 1st milestone; then once you open the 1st chest it will start counting your time online until you reach the 2nd milestone, and so on!
  • The Clock will stop if you are disconnected, and will continue where it was when you reconnect.
  • A ‘red dot’ will appear on the Clock Event icon when you reach a milestone.
  • Connect 2h30mn or so per day for a chance to collect all the chests.
  • Every day at Midnight server time, the 5 Chests will reset, even if you couldn’t collect them all!
So you have nothing to do here but play Arcane Online and earn rewards over time, including Gold and Rubies! 🙂