Arcane Online-[Auction House] Why is there a VIP restriction to buy or sell?-[Arcane Online]

You may wonder why you cannot use the auction house if you have never purchased Rubies in the shop.

The only reason is to limit possible abuses and exploits from players creating multiple characters to gather free Rubies, and transferring them to their main character via the auction house.
This is also the reason why Leroy, the auctioneer, takes a 10% commission on every auction when items are sold; or why some of the rewards given are soulbound.
You can buy items in the auction house if you are VIP 2 (which requires to buy 150 Rubies or more).
You can sell items in the auction house if you are VIP 3 (which requires to buy 500 Rubies or more).
Note that the auction house is for convenience and help finding materials easily or faster; but we believe it is not a critical system in Arcane Online.
In case we were to receive many complaints about the auction house VIP restriction, we may unfortunately deactivate it as we don’t have easy options at the moment to avoid possible abuses.
Thank you for your understanding!