PUBG Mobile guide [Advanced Raiders] Master skydiving skills and win at the starting line

Unlike common shooting games, the “chicken” game begins with skydiving and searches for relevant resources after landing to expand its strength and kill other enemies to gain victory. This kind of game design allows players to be hooked and entertained. This PUBG genuine mobile game produced by Photon Studio conforms to the trend and makes proper improvements in more details. The real picture texture is one of the important reasons attracting many players. Parachuting is the beginning of the game. In the parachuting process, there is also a corresponding operation skill. Compared with other people winning at the starting line, the basics are raised and the chicken is stable.

First, grasp the timing of skydiving

Many players do not value The process of skydiving, at the moment of leaving the plane, sprints down at full speed. It will not look around and observe whether there is an enemy situation around. In the eyes of these players, it is the most important thing to land on the ground at the fastest speed and grab the material first. This kind of thinking is not wrong, but there are large loopholes. It is very easy for oneself to become a fly-in-the-head fly around and die unclearly.

Before leaving the plane, you must learn to observe it carefully. When the player has not jumped, he can observe the remaining number on the plane. If this value changes greatly, then the player should calm down, especially in the case of single player mode, do not jerk to the bottom, this film More enemies in the region are not the right time for skydiving. When the number of remaining players does not change significantly or changes, the player can consider landing and landing, and choose a place with more houses as the target. Choosing such a time jump parachuting can allow players to avoid the early large-scale chaos, even if the bad luck, did not find the right firearms, do not have to be overly afraid of the enemy imposingly kill you, do not have to listen to the dense surrounding The gun battle frightened.

2. Grasp the speed of skydiving

During skydiving Among them, speed is also a factor worthy of attention. The speed is not as fast as possible, so it is easy to expose itself to the enemy’s vision. At the moment of leaving the plane, dive down at full speed and wait for the canopy to open. Then players should start adjusting their own landing speed and observe what is going on around them. If there are no enemies around, adjust the landing speed to the fastest, sweep the resources quickly, seize the opportunity, and then sweep the other areas. The enemy.

If the enemy is found, it must be divided into two cases. One is that when there are only a few enemies, the player slows the landing speed appropriately and observes where the enemy will land. There is a general understanding in the mind that after landing on the ground, pick up the resources within the house at a faster rate. If you find the right firearms, approach the area where the enemy had previously landed and look for a suitable opportunity to beat the enemy. Die; and if you do not see your own firearms, avoid the enemy’s previously landed area, and quickly withdraw in the opposite direction. The other situation is that there are many enemies around. At this time, the player lands at moderate speed, roughly judges the landing position of the enemy, and waits for them to frequently engage in war.

3. Adjusting the position of landing

Position of landing There is also stress. Some newcomers make major mistakes when landing. They land in the wild or far from the house. They do not speak out if they lose their superiority, and they may also be in danger. In the skydiving process, constantly adjusting its own landing position is also a very necessary thing. When you first leave the plane, you cannot see at a glance the selected landing zone. After approaching the landing area, the player should consider whether he is landing at the door of a house or landing on a roof of a house. Which place is more convenient for collecting resources and choosing where. If you find that your own landing position deviates from the intended target area, you can slow down, change the angle, and approach the intended target area.

Skydiving is also a process that competes with people in this game. If you can master skydiving skills properly, it will increase. The possibility of eating chicken. And the game detailed the process of skydiving, players will be affected by resistance during landing, so realistic design, allowing players more intuitive immersive.