After the PUBG Mobile guide has a gun behind the gun? The Deadly Chicken Guide!

In the stimulating battlefield, we cannot control the location of the security zone, nor can we determine the location of the enemy’s parachute jump, or even determine whether or not we can find the gun when we fall to the ground. However, this randomness can bring us Each game experience is not the same, and These random elements often lead us into some unfavorable situations. Really powerful players must be able to flexibly cope with various unfavorable situations. Only in this way can we make a victory. The so-called predicament cannot be simply solved by gunfire. When the enemy rolls over us in weapons and equipment, terrain, and terrain, we must come up with reasonable tactics. Today, we combine a real case. To explain to you some of the tactical essentials of the overturned situation.

Our team of were struggling in the battle from P. Whether it was armor, medicine, or even ammunition, they were extremely deficient. Stealing a wave of development continues to lap.

And when it was developing, it was suddenly attacked, and then it was found through the 4 times mirror that there was a whole team on the mountain. The enemies are carrying on the gun for us, and the enemy explode our heads easily with 8 times 98K. At the same time, it is found that there is also a battle behind their backs.

At this time, he resolutely used a bunker to kill the enemies who attacked the building and temporarily solved the crisis behind him. We attempted to knock down the enemies on the mountain after the change of position to gain time for their evacuation, and the result was again accurately headshot by the enemies on the mountain. At this time, it is not difficult for us to find that the enemies of the team of our weapons, whether equipment or marksmanship, are in a state of absolute superiority. Not wise.

At this time We decided and immediately thought of a way to transfer, but in the garage next to oneself There are also rashly transferred enemies who are likely to be ambushed, so here, we chose a bet and slammed the enemy’s guns on the hill to quickly kill the ambush. In the vicinity of the enemy, to provide a relatively safe space for their own transfer.

After clearing their closest enemies, Our team of quickly moved to the rim, but at this time, the team that had just carried out the rifle was stunned. They did not have a vehicle to use, and because of the long-term confrontation, they missed the best lap time and hated the safety zone.

Because the team is in a relatively good position, it can target well the enemy who has no car poisoning, and this time it is almost full of food. Kill the enemy, Our team of still has the possibility of turning over. The four first-aid kits obtained by killing enemies gave hope to a team that did not have any medicine.

But because of the gun battle just now, our vehicle and the enemy’s vehicles were all destroyed, and the rest of the lap time was running short. At this time, we needed to play the role of smoke bombs. We At the end of the order, all the smoke bombs in the hands were thrown out, creating a green passage for their team and running straight in the fastest speed. At this point, we led the team into the final round under extremely unfavorable circumstances.

But the bad luck has not ended yet. This round of the finals is still a day scourge. At this time, we have to see the time is still sufficient, and it is safe to be in the ring, so communicate with teammates. Quickly look for Voldemort to kill.

In the next wave of circles, we have a whole team successfully. The two teams were stuck outside the security zone and succeeded in eating chickens in the finals with their superb gunshots.

Here is a summary:

1. When encountering an enemy gun, be sure not to fall to the ground and prioritize the position of the enemy. Otherwise it can only be killed by the enemy. Only by knowing where the enemy is, can an optimal escape route be established .


2. When surrounded, Prioritize the killing of close-in enemies so that they can expand their range of action and thus make more effective counterattacks or flee from.

3. It is best to run the card unless you are eager to share it. Circle enemies, because if you do not have no head and no drugs, it is almost impossible to eat chicken in the finals.

4. One or two smoke bombs may not reverse the situation.But more than 20 smoke bombs can make a miracle.

The above are some of the tactical plays in the desperate situation. I hope to help everyone improve their game level.