PUBG Mobile guide Wit the idea of ​​eating chicken! It’s easier to eat chicken with your brain

PUBG Mobile: Stimulating the battlefield is not just a shooting game. Compared to marksmanship, this game is more concerned with tactics. Therefore, tactics are very important in stimulating the battlefield. Today, we will explain some of the more flexible ways of playing. Tactics.

[Fishing Play]

As the name suggests, fishing is to use some high-quality materials as bait to lure enemies to pick up, and then to find the right machine. Hit to kill the enemy.

The first thing to do is to find a well-hidden position for fishing, hide yourself, and not let the enemy find it. Then throw away supplies, try to discard some necessities, and have high-quality supplies. The temptation to enemies will be great. The success rate of “fishing” will be higher. But beware, materials Do not lose too much, a single medical kit and first-aid kit are fine.

Where to drop materials must be Choose and try to choose an empty place so that the player can monitor the enemy’s every move at any time. Do not put the material in a remote place or in a bunker place. In this case, once the enemy picks up supplies, it will be very Easy to escape, this is very bad for the player.

Another type of fishing game is to guard the airdrop. The image of the game is called “Keep waiting for the rabbit”, using the air-tempt temptation to lead the enemy out and wait until the time is ripe to kill it.

Use of Smoke Bombs

As we all know, smoke bombs are props that are used to block the enemy’s horizons and help players get out of danger. In the finals, it is very precious, and we must use smoke bombs to define this feature and deceive the enemy.

Once the smoke bomb is released, the enemy will definitely think that the player wants to escape in the smoke bomb and will blow the smoke bomb. The player must be clear that the smoke bomb can block the view of the enemy but it cannot block the bullet. , The enemy’s strafing is likely to cause harm to the player, so that players can take the opposite flight tactics, that is, first smoke bombs to attract the attention of the enemy, wait until the enemy starts to fire, and quickly fled in the opposite direction of the smoke bomb.

[Sneak Operation in Final Round]

The range of events in the finals is too small. The player can easily find the enemy, but once it shoots Expose your own position immediatelyHome, causing the attention of many enemies, in this case, players are advised to take the following two methods.

I. Fragmented grenades, fragmented grenades are powerful and have a wide range of attacks. It is fragmented grenades that do not expose the player’s position.

Two, turn a blind eye, the finals not only test the marksmanship, but also test the patience of the players, there are many players want to immediately shoot down the enemy when they saw the enemy, but he did not examine the next will face The situation, in the exciting battlefield, this idea is in fact very disadvantageous, the finals in the endurance will only be further from the chicken.

Sniper’s Cutting Gun Scheme

Many players like to play single-shot sniper rifle and like to shoot down an enemy. However, in the current version, the probability of picking up a powerful AWM is very small, and other players have a high level of armor. It is almost impossible to use the sniper rifle as a commandment.

The more commonly used cutting gun programs are Shooting with a sniper rifle first, once the enemy is found escaping, the player immediately switches the rifle into a single point mode and shoots the moving enemy.


We hope that the above strategies can improve players’ “soft power” and make you stronger.