PUBG Mobile guide Lying Chicken Cheats: How to fight with an enemy? You must know these methods

In “PUBG Mobile: Stimulating the Battlefield”, it is divided into single row, double row and four group. The most fun of these is the four-person group, four teammates working together, and the process of trying to eat chicken always has many interesting or embarrassing things.

However, in the four-person group, sometimes there is an embarrassing situation, that is, —— when you are angry Too far away from the support of the teammates but the enemy, and the other side is often several people besieging you, have not hanged before waiting for teammates to rescue you. It is also possible that your teammates are killed. Only when you are alone, do you want to play 1V4? Still directly suicide?

Of course except the above In two cases, there is also a situation in which the big ones who want to challenge the difficult single-row four-rows want to eat chickens in a single row and challenge their limits.

Today we will talk about what we should do at 1V N to be able to kill the Jedi.

First, first The point is, if you want to achieve 1 VN, then you need a good attitude, you must not panic. Only if your mentality is stable, even if you are attacked, you can accurately play the level and make the correct decision-making judgments, so that you can be invincible.

After talking about the mentality, let’s talk about the use of tactics. It’s a difficult thing to accomplish with one enemy four. After all, How to shoot a gun is no more than four guns, so if you want to successfully kill an enemy with an enemy, then it is very important to use some tactical skills.


The support is the most commonly used means. When you see an enemy who has placed the order and knocked down the opponent, if you If you are in a good position or there is no leak in your position, then you can choose to keep the other person’s position on the ground and wait for his teammates to save him. At this time, you can enjoy a few more express delivery.

Listen to all directions

When you are in a row of four rows, you only have one person who has no other teammates to detect the enemy, so you can rely on it at this time. Only yourself. Listening to all directions, the six-way view is the most basic operation. In the upper right corner of the game, the small map will remind the surrounding sounds at any time, and different sounds and strengths have different icons to display. Mastering the tips on the small maps will allow you to find the enemy’s position in the first place, and then grab the first hand to kill each other. Worst also allows you to know the enemy’s position, make strategic moves, and avoid unnecessary losses.

Keep the building

It is also important to use the shelters around you in many cases, especially when staying in the building. Be sure to know the structure of your building and judge that the enemy mayOperation. Through the understanding of the building, quickly transfer your position and use the advantages of the building to solve the enemy.

How are you learning? Go to the single-row four-row experience and see if you will come back in a few minutes?