PUBG Mobile guide Stimulate the battlefield: the best sniper point in the desert, find this place, you are the king!

Hello everyone, I am your embarrassing chrysanthemum! The terrain of the desert map is complicated, and the road idiot players are easily lost in it. After playing for a long time, the player may have symptoms of dizziness. In order to avoid this situation, it is important to find a safe place that can attack others. Today, the chrysanthemum will share a good place with everyone, but the chrysanthemum will not tell you where it is. You can find your own clues to see who can find it.

This place is between the mountains, the player needs to climb up the mountain veins, but there are so many mountains, which mountain can lead to the best attack What about it? This has to rely on the players themselves to explore, the paper has to come to the end, I know that this matter must be carried out!

After a long journey, the player finally came to the best sniper location in the desert. The opposite sides of this place are surrounded by rock walls, and the opposite sides are very empty. Players can overlook the world outside. It is this pattern that makes players both safe and dominant.

If the poison circle is here, it is perfect. No one knows that the player is here, and the player is like having a God’s perspective. He can see the enemies on the ground and then kill. It is such a simple matter to kill anyone who wants to kill.

So far away, how can an enemy on the ground know that the sniper is here? However, this sniper point is only suitable for players who have slammed the technology. Otherwise, the rookie player will be here, and it will be useless. So the sniper of the powerful players to find here is the real king.