PUBG Mobile guide Stimulate the battlefield: Master advanced skills teaching, the next article, have you seen it?

hi everyone, then the last one, we went on to say that the following are some tips for stimulating the advanced masters of the battlefield. I want to play the exciting battlefield every day to eat chicken. After reading this, you will eat chicken. I believe we can come together. .

1By Buddha, when you shoot at the enemy, you will not have much change in the ballistics. When you are close to the enemy, you will suddenly fall to the ground. The enemy’s bullets will be instantly emptied and you can avoid 3 6 bullets, the main use of this trick is to often kill others, personal feeling is very practical, must learn the skills, but the whole process must always keep firing, three fingers is still very important, three fingers can complete many actions that the two fingers can not complete, Flexibility is greatly improved,

2 swing, personally feel that this action is actually not useful, but the viewing is very strong, many players who play games like to get around, The difficulty is not very big. You can press the left and right sideways repeatedly when you fire.

3 Flying grass, this skill you have to learn is quite powerful, you can be in the enemy. He knocked him down without knowing it, and the risk was also great. The recoil in the vacant state was very large, and he would lose blood after landing. He could practice with the grenade in the training ground, and the viewing was very good.

4 moving the gun, while holding the gun in the state of moving the gun, it will be better than standing still. It will make it difficult for the enemy to hit you, and you But he can hit him. He has a huge advantage in steel guns, but at the same time the difficulty is relatively large. Players need to practice constantly,

5甩狙, this The skill is very difficult. It is generally used to open the mirror at the first time but does not aim at the enemy. At the same time, it needs to attack the enemy immediately. You can use the cymbal to carry out the strict ultra-fast attack. This technique requires the player to memorize the feel of the double mirror. Turning on the preview and releasing the fire in the settings also requires a lot of practice.

The above is the next chapter of the advanced master skills taught by Xiaobian. If you like, I hope you can give a little attention to the editor. It is not easy to thank you.