How many levels for Color Bump 3D?

Color bump newcomer

Compared with the casual gameplay, the screen uses the bump 3D design. These bumps will be the hardest part of the game. The game starts with the player needing to manipulate a white ball and escort the ball to the finish line. Very simple game, each level of difficulty is different, the difficulty is gradually increased, control the white ball, while moving forward, avoid obstacles.

How to play color Color bump novice Raiders

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There are a lot of squares and round obstacles in the game. The colors of these obstacles are different. When controlling the ball walking, you must avoid encountering these different color obstacles, only touch and small. An object of the same color as a ball, which encounters an object of the same color as a small ball, can be directly hit, hitting a road leading to the end point, and pushing the obstacles of other colors by using objects of the same color that can be touched around. The process is a bit sad, but the ending is good, so it’s easy to get through.