How to play Color Bump 3D? Color Bump 3D Guide

How to play Color Bump 3D?

This physical mechanism of the pinball game is brought to the player. In the game, the 3D effect is used for the player to play. In the game, the physical ball is controlled to take risks in different theme scenes, and it takes a lot of hard work to finally succeed. To the end, the victory belongs to you!

[game features]

1. Eliminate the obstacles on the path in the game, and bring the game engine of the physical collision to the player;

2, each level is transformed into a different scene, the player’s only goal is to reach the end;

3, the most important obstacles to eliminate the latest, very test the player’s fast control gameplay!

【Game Reviews】

If you like to play cartoon 3D style games, if you like to play casual puzzle type games, then this Color Bump 3D will definitely like you. The game has a very beautiful picture, the gameplay is also relatively new, the music effect is also good, come and download the experience!