PUBG Mobile, the whole army attacked how to parachute the farthest

Tags: Skydiving

PUBG Moble is attacking the whole army, skydiving is the biggest problem players encounter. Jumping far away can help you avoid crowds and have a good start. The following is the guide to the most remote parachute operation in the Jedi.

Breathing method: Press the skydiving button to release, then press the sky button to release, repeat the above process. Let the characters sway like a swing, this is the skill of flying long distance, also known as the “breathing parachute” method.

When you have just left the plane for 2-3 seconds, the game will remind you that you can open the umbrella, which is the height of the fastest opening umbrella in the picture below. “Location, if you want to go to the farthest place, you must open the umbrella immediately when you can open the umbrella, and then start the “breathing parachute” operation.

The taxiing distance after the fastest opening of the umbrella, the falling speed and the sliding distance from the landing time:

Through the test, the falling speed below 40km is not worth floating. Not only is it slow, but it is not far away. If you want to drift the farthest, you should keep the falling speed of 40km. In theory, the farthest distance you can fly is 2km, which is the distance between two large grids on the big map.

In addition, you can remember this number – 1.4km, which is 1.4 large grid, this is the horizontal flight to the forced opening point, and then use the “breathing parachute” method to keep the maximum distance of 40km. Distance, “breathing parachute” operation details, staring at the landing speed bar in the lower left corner, try to operate stably so that the speed floats in a small range.

If you want to keep a small drop speed and fly as far as possible, you need to press the “W” button for as short as possible, so that you “swing” “The amplitude of the swing is smaller, and the speed of the drop is slower. This requires a few more hops to cultivate a stable feeling. After a few tries, you can easily master it.