[Mobile Legends] -Don’t share your account information! – [English]

Don’t share your account information!

Do not take your account security lightly and avoid getting ripped off or illegally taken advantage of by others. For an account to get stolen, first someone must have gotten hold of your account info, so please remember to keep your account info safe. Please keep in mind the following 3 basic rules to protect your account: 1. Never reveal your Game Center or Google Play account or password to anyone– including us! Youngjoy employees will never under any circumstances ask you to provide these accounts or passwords. 2. Avoid logging into your account on other people_s devices. If you truly must, then by all means remember to log out of your account afterwards! 3. The only approved method of making in-app purchases is by using your own account from within the in-game store. There may be some unapproved 3rd party sites that offer in-game currency at a discount, but these sites often stolen credit card information and accounts to make transactions, and using these methods increases the risk of getting your account stolen.