Brawl Stars-All the Gems from my order have been removed!-[English]

As a rule, in-app purchases are non-refundable, andcertain conditions apply to any exceptions we make.

Supercell wants to keep a fair playing field,and reserves the right to revoke access to any refunded content. This meansthat if the money used for an order of 1,200 Gems is refunded, we may removethat number of Gems from your account. If any of those resources have beenspent prior to the refund, it can result in a negative Gem balance in yourgame. A positive balance can be restored by collecting resources in-game ormaking additional currency orders.

Following refunds comprising multiple, largeorders, it may even be necessary for us to suspend access to a game account.This is also the case if a player has made Gem orders using a third-party Gemseller in breach of Supercell’s Terms of Service.

We understand — no player wants to find theirGem coffers empty. Even then, removing refunded Gems is the only way we canreconcile the gap between a player’s payments and Gem balance. When you orderGems, it goes without saying that they are yours to keep. When payment for anorder is cancelled, the opposite is true, just like in any transaction: youforfeit your claim to the refunded item.

As an online game, Brawl Stars’ economy andmechanics are always the same for every player. The same applies to Gem access.To avoid an unpleasant surprise, remember to keep your mobile device safe andlocked, and never, ever share your game account with anyone.