Brawl Stars-What are Coins used for and how do I get them?-[English]

Coins areused in game to buy Brawl Boxes. The reward received from Brawl Boxes arerandom and can include Brawlers, upgrade Elixir or Chips used to buy newBrawlers directly.

There are manyways to get coins – small amounts will be rewarded from brawling and from newevents.

Every timean Event changes, small Coin rewards can be collected. In addition to this,each Event slot will reward a maximum number of Coins for playing. First winsversus other online players also give you small rewards, except Showdown events.

You can’tbuy Coins directly from the Shop as they are not offered. Though if you want to increase theamount of Coins you collect, Boosters are sold through the in-game Shop and canbe bought with Gems. Boosters are a great way to increase the normal Coinrewards quickly.

The moreyou brawl, the more experience you gain. Each time you level up a specificBrawler or rank up your game account, you will also be rewarded with Coins.

So just bybrawling often, you can save up enough coins to unlock more Brawl Boxes andprogress through the game!