Rise of Kingdoms Guide: tips and Strategies for Beginners


First of all, if you plan to stand at the top of the pyramid and have enough financial resources to reach VIP10, please choose South Korea. The 3% reduction in science and technology research granted by South Korea will save you considerable acceleration. Some people may ask why not choose China? After all, there is a 5% building bonus? This question is very beautiful because I had the same doubts at the beginning. The answer I got was because the other two bonuses in China were completely useless. It would be better to increase the capacity of hospitals in Korea by 15%.


Next, I would recommend ordinary players to pick generals instead of countries. I must say that the opening of the generals is very important. The sooner you start training, the faster the team will be formed. I will recommend a few characters first.

Cavalry:Pelagius( Spain) Baibars(Arabia)Infantry:Sun Tzu(China)Scipio Africanus(Rome)