Rise of Kingdoms Strategies-Guide about Lohar: How to get him, best talents and skills

How to obtain Lohar

Obtained through the event “Trial of Lohar”, during the event we can obtain Lohar’s necklace by hitting the barbarians. When using Lohar’s necklace, we can obtain Lohar’s longbow and Lohar’s buckler. After we use it, we must gather teammates to attack together. After successfully defeating, there will be a probability of getting Lohar’s head and an alliance treasure chest. Lohar’s head can also be opened in this treasure chest.

Simply put:

Roha’s Trial→Fighting Barbarians→Lorha’s Necklace→Lorha’s Longbow/Lorha’s Buckler→Lorha’s Head

Lohar’s Trial Activity Tips:

1. Multiple teams attack a barbarian at the same time to increase the efficiency of obtaining Lohar’s Necklace.

2. Participate in the gathering of teammates.

3. Lohar’s longbow and Lohar’s round shield can be hit with full force during the event, and the rally can be used after the event is over, which can save energy to the greatest extent.

4. Lohar’s trial will also get the arrow of resistance, which is the 1 material to upgrade the arrow tower, especially for the early stage, the material needed for the arrow tower is not much. Lohar’s trial is a very good upgrade arrow. Way to the tower.


It is only recommended to choose the jungle talent. Lohar’s skills are completely unsuitable to be a combat general. His skills determine that he is only suitable for fighting barbarians and barbarian castles. If the jungle talent points are full, you can choose the auxiliary talent

Matching generals

Since Loharis not suitable for the battlefield, there are only two generals in terms of matching:

1. Lohar+ any generals who need to be upgraded

2. Lohar+ any general with AOE skills (used to attract wild monsters)

applicable people

The applicable crowd is everyone, and many activities need to be rewarded by hitting barbarians or hitting the walled city. Loharis usually only suitable for jungle, he is the most specialized in jungle, many activities need to fight a large number of barbarians, we often need to send five teams to attack at the same time, and Loharis indispensable in five teams hero.

Six, use skills

First of all, let’s understand the mechanism of the jungler. When we fight barbarians in the wild, when the same troop is attacking, every time a barbarian is defeated by the same force, the next time the barbarian is defeated, the physical consumption will be reduced by 2 points, up to 10 points. .

In other words, if your Loharpoints are full of insight talents, the physical strength you consume every time you fight a barbarian is reduced to at least 30 points, but this reduction in physical strength will be reset after your troops return to the city, in order to save physical strength , We must let Loharkeep attacking outside.

To understand the second mechanism, when your troops attack outside the city, they will receive two different kinds of damage. The first is serious injury and the second is light injury. The seriously injured unit will enter the hospital by itself and be sent out through treatment. The lightly injured unit will not enter the hospital. It will remain in the army. As long as it returns to the city, it will be automatically treated. We cannot dispatch lightly injured units. These lightly wounded troops will not participate in the battle. When fighting a barbarian, the ratio of severe injuries to light injuries will be very large, and the units with light injuries are usually much more than the units with severe injuries.

High-level barbarians are powerful, and it is difficult for us to fight many barbarians in a team. At this time, we can use Lohar’s characteristics to heal lightly wounded units. Lohar’s awakening skill can obtain a healing effect with a healing coefficient of 2000 after leaving the battle, and he can choose the jungle talent “Fate Chanting”, and he can also obtain a healing effect with a healing coefficient of 500 after defeating a barbarian.

Therefore, after we finish fighting high-level barbarians, we can look for low-level barbarians. When attacking low-level barbarians, the number of lightly wounded units you will eventually get is far lower than the number of lightly wounded units you can get through skills, so that the more you can fight, the more soldiers you can fight! When the number of troops is low, heal his troops by defeating low-level barbarians. Repeatedly, you can make your Lohar’s troops stay in the field for a long time to brush barbarians.

Also, don’t use Loharfor fights and Sunset Canyon, which is very weak.