Rise of Kingdoms Guide: Strategies and tips for upgrading alliance technology

Regardless of the game, the league is a very important system. In riseof kingdoms , an excellent alliance can even immediately evolve a beginner into a mature player. For an alliance, the most important thing is the alliance technology. How to choose your alliance technology determines the income of all your alliance members.

Today, I will combine my own experience to analyze for you how to reasonably choose to upgrade the alliance’s technological talent in different situations, and I hope to provide you with a reference. Alliance technology is divided into four parts, namely development, territory, war, and alliance skills.

Alliance skills are only used when all your alliance technologies have been clicked, otherwise, they are usually based on the other three parts of technology. Upgrading alliance technology requires alliance members to donate alliance points and use alliance funds to upgrade. If you want to fill up the alliance technology quickly, you need active players. After all, the donation of alliance technology is time-limited.

There are two ways to obtain alliance funds. One is that when alliance members collect in alliance territory, they will obtain corresponding alliance funds. The second is alliance resource points, which will produce resources every hour.

So what resources do our alliance lack the most? Generally speaking, the most lacking of all alliances is the resource of gold coins. First, the consumption of gold coins in the wild alliance is very huge. Secondly, the gold coins obtained from the collection of alliance resource points are the least. A gold mine with an alliance resource point can only produce one hour. 1000 gold coins, and generally, the individual members of the alliance do not have a large demand for gold coins, and generally do not actively collect a large number of gold mines. Therefore, we need to plan our territory to a place where there is an alliance gold coin mine and use it to continuously produce alliance gold coins, which requires the overall planning ability of the alliance managers to be tested.